Loree Oboe D’Amore

Loree Oboes d’Amores are the choice of professionals for the instruments’ world-class workmanship, tone and comfort.

The Oboe d’Amore (pitched in A) with its pear-shaped bell and its slightly bent bocal, sounds a minor third lower than the Oboe. This instrument is often used to implement mellow and tender feelings in Baroque music.

Picture of Loree Oboe D’Amore
Loree D’Amore Oboe


  • Grenadilla wood
  • Nickel silver keys, silver plated
  • Conservatory plateau system for all trill keys
  • 3rd octave key
  • Left hand F key
  • With two silver plated bocals


  • Gold plated keys
  • Synthetic top joint


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