Student Oboes by Cabart

Founded in 1893, CABART became part of the de Gourdon Company in 1974. CABART is the stamp of well-made student oboes. Visit the F. Loree Website

Carlos Oboe is proud to offer Cabart Oboes, Lorée’s intermediate line of instruments. The student models are made with the same attention to detail, material and craftsmanship as the more expensive professional-level Lorée Oboes.

Because of their high manufacturing standards, combined with precise tuning, Cabart is the most promising choice for a student.

Student Oboes by Cabart – Carlos E. Coelho Woodwinds

Picture of new Cabart Oboe

Cabart Conservatory Model Oboe


  • Close-tolerance key fitting
  • Cork pads throughout the instrument
  • Made of grenadilla wood
  • Silver plated keys
  • Conservatory plateau system, including trill keys
  • Forked-F resonance key
  • Low B-flat resonance key
  • Third octave key

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