Used Oboes and English Horns

Whether you’re a professional, student or amateur Oboist, Carlos Coelho can help you find the right new or pre-owned Oboe or English Horn, case or case cover.

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Used Loree Oboes

Cabart # 081182008A great Cabart student Oboe by Loree. Has a small crack above trills (repaired). Recently overhauled.$3,600
Cabart # 100832010Very nice Cabart Oboe by Loree. Has 3rd octave. No cracks!$3,900
Loree FY 501982Nice F Loree Oboe from the 80's, no cracks, good scale and tone!$3,600
Loree GA 14 'ak'1982Good Oboe with nice tone. Plays well. Great for high school students and community players.$4,000
Loree GA 41 'ak'1982Very nice Oboe in excellent condition. No 3rd Octave. No cracks. In really good shape despite the age!$4,100
Loree KM 17 C+3, regular bore1993A very good Oboe for a serious student. Cracked and repaired. Well maintained Oboe with Cavallero case cover.$4,500
Loree LE 66 Royal1994Excellent Oboe! No cracks. Wonderful tone. Gold plated keys (cost to buy new is over $11,000), leather case and case cover. Very well cared for. $7,300
Loree MS 03 'ak'1998Very good 'ak' Oboe. Has never cracked and is in great condition. Pleasing scale and tone. $4,950
Loree MW 56 'ak'1998This 'ak' has a very sweet and elegant tone. Just a small crack between the trills (fixed and inserted). Great price!$4,600
Loree OR 71 Royal2002Instrument in excellent condition! No cracks!$5,900
Loree OV 18 Royal, AK bore2002Fantastic Royal Oboe with AK bore. No cracks and with high D key.$6,400
Loree PG 88 'ak'2003A wonderful 'ak' Oboe in excellent condition. Great scale and no cracks.$4,900
Loree PI 21 Royal2004Well kept Royal Oboe in its original Leather Royal Case. Nice tone and very good scale. Small crack between trills, repaired.$7,100
Loree PM 25 violet wood 'ak'2004Beautiful violet wood 'ak'. Cracked, and has been repaired/pinned. All tone holes inserted by Loree.$6,000
Loree PQ 70 Royal2004Excellent Royal Oboe. Small crack between trills has been repaired. With high D key. $7,200
Loree QH 45 'ak'2006Very nice AK with great tone and scale. Small crack between trills, fixed.$5,000
Loree QV 41 Royal 1252007Excellent Instrument! Beautiful tone and scale. Cracked and very well repaired!$7,800
Loree SE 53 'ak'2011Excellent "AK" with great scale and beautiful sound! Cracked and repaired. Wonderful oboe!$6,200
Loree SH 91 'ak'2011Nice Oboe with good scale and warm tone. Cracked between trills (fixed). Great Value!$6,300
Loree SK 89 'ak'2011Never cracked! Excellent Oboe!$6,400
Loree SU 96 'ak'2012Like new 'ak' Oboe. Good price! $6,900
Loree AK top joint (plastic)unknownPlastic oboe top joint for Loree standard 'ak' oboe. Nice condition. No case$3,450
Loree Top Joint for Royal Oboe (plastic)2011Very nice plastic Top Joint, with good scale! Like new, with case!$3,950
Loree Top Joint for Oboe (plastic)2012Excellent Loree plastic top joint, with case.$4,250

Used Oboes - Other Brands

Fox 800 # 248622006Very nice Fox 800 Oboe (Professional). Great buy!$4,200
Gordet A1581969Small crack between trills, repaired. German made Gordet, needs some tender loving care. Plays nicely.$2,600
Gordet 793AInstrument plays well, a good Oboe for the beginning player. Silver plating is worn.$1,500
Gordet 918ANice Gordet Oboe with very good tone and scale. Only a small crack between trills that are fixed and a little silver damage. Great Oboe!$2,600
Yamaha YOB 841
# 003746
2002In excellent condition, this Yamaha has a great scale and tone. Never cracked! Has high D Key!$4,500
Yamaha Model 441
# 020386
2008Like new! Very nice student oboe$2,600
Yamaha YOB 410 #001849All plastic instrument in good condition. Good student Oboe with left hand F.$2,200

Used D'Amores


Used English Horns

Loree English Horn # PU052004Very nice English horn. Has really pleasing tone and great scale. Just a small crack between trills that was nicely repaired. With single case & case cover; and 2 Loree bocals (H1, H2). Good value.$7,300

Cases, Accessories, Tools

Kunibert Gouging Machine for OboeWonderful machine - one of the best on the market. Set-up for American style reed-making. Easy to work and excellent for all levels of reed-maker.$1,800

English Horn Bocals

Laubin English horn bocal, # 2Used Laubin silver # 2 English horn bocal. Good condition, a little wear on cork$450

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