Carlos Oboe Accessories

Carlos Bore Oil As a service to our customers, we do keep a small selection of accessories for Oboe and English Horn. Most frequently, these are available for purchase at those venues Carlos attends for clinics and master classes, double reed shows and more.

If you are interested in purchasing accessories directly from the shop or have any questions about the oboe accessories available, please contact us at or call us on 317 920-0519 and we will be happy to assist you.

As we are a very small business, our time is largely taken up with instrument sales and repairs, and we simply do not have the resources to sell small value orders. With this in mind, we do require a minimum purchase order of $75.

If you have colleagues or fellow students who would also like supplies, we would be happy to combine your orders and ship them to a single address.

Oboe and English Horn Accessories

“Coelho” Shaper Tips

English Horn200.00

Shaper Handle

For Oboe & English Horn – adjustable with sliding jaws, aluminum75.00

English Horn Bocals

Lorée and others, please call for availabilityCall for pricing


Double Hollow ground, “Coelho” German made knife50.00
“Rigotti” or “Chiarugi” Knife40.00
“Rigotti” Double hollow ground, Blade only30.00
Round wood file handles for use with blade5.00
Knife Sheath2.00

Single Edge Blades

Pack of 100 “GEM stainless steel” Coated or Uncoated15.00

Sharpening Stones

Diamond – DiaFold, folding pocket, 4×1,40.00
India, Fine, Bench size 5/8″ x 2″ x 5″25.00

Cutting Block

Wooden cutting block8.00
German made, Analog, Metric w/ lever to measure finished reed250.00

Oboe Tube Cane

Our Special (du Var) per lb/0.5 lb130.00/65.00

Staples (Tubes)

Oboe: 46 mm, Chiarugi, brass
Oboe: 47 mm, Chiarugi, brass
Oboe: 47 mm, Chiarugi, nickel silver # 23.95
Oboe: Chiarugi oboe tube adjustable35.00
Oboe: 47 mm, Rigotti (New Model), brass3.20
Oboe: 47 mm, Rigotti (New Model), nickel silver3.95
Oboe: 46 mm, Rigotti (New Model), brass
Oboe: 46 mm, Lorée “AK”, nickel silver5.75
English Horn: Rigotti, brass with collar3.25
English Horn: Rigotti, nickel silver with collar3.80
English Horn: Lorée, brass, no collar3.55
English Horn: Lorée, nickel silver, no collar4.60

Brass Wire

English Horn (0.35 mm)7.00


Rigotti/”Coelho” – Oboe or English Horn25.00


Rounded tip, silver2.00
Rounded tip, blue steel2.00
Pointed tip, blue steel3.00
Convex, blue steel5.00
Convex, wood – ebony5.00

Metal Ruler

150mm Metric & Inch, General/Vogel brands3.00
150mm with scale on top and bottom, front and back4.00


Large thread solid color7.00


100% pure2.00

Reed Soaker

Tupperware reed soaker with lid and clamp8.00

Cork Grease

Large Plastic Box 1 x 24.00
Small Plastic Box 1 x 13.00

Bore Oil

“Coelho” 100 % Natural Blend5.00


Separately or special value when you buy 32.00 ea.Or 3 for $5.00


Oboe“Coelho” silk oboe swab with double cord for safety15.00
OboeF. Lorée cotton oboe swab – non pull-through7.00
English Horn“Coelho” silk EH swab with double cord for safety15.00
English HornF. Lorée cotton English Horn swab – non pull-through7.00

Polishing Cloth

F. Lorée10.00

Octave Vent Remover

Rigotti, adjustable tips40.00

Thumb Rests

F. Lorée – Adjustable or “Dutch”110.00

Tenon Caps

F. Lorée – Oboe or English Horn (each)20.00



Reed Cases

German, Wood with wire reed holders – 20 Reeds70.00
German, Wood with wire reed holders – 12 Reeds60.00
F. Lorée – Holds 3 Reeds35.00
Black Faux Leather – Holds 6 Reeds15.00
Black Faux Leather – Holds 12 Reeds25.00


F. Lorée with 4 tips10.00

Tool Case

Nylon Tool Case, Single14.00
Nylon Tool Case, Double35.00

Instrument Cases

F. Lorée: Oboe Case410.00
F. Lorée: English Horn Case600.00
F. Lorée: Oboe and English Horn Combination Case825.00
French Style Case (black interior) and Case Cover, BEST BUY!200.00

Case Covers

F. Lorée: Oboe (black nylon, “sheep-lined”)155.00
F. Lorée: English Horn (black nylon, “sheep-lined”)175.00
F. Lorée: Oboe and English Horn (black nylon, “sheep-lined”)200.00


F. Lorée – purple plastic, ultra light – Oboe10.00
F. Lorée – purple plastic, ultra light – English Horn15.00


We have a selection of CD’s available – call for list15.00

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