For the Student Oboist and English Hornist

The student Oboist and English Hornist needs special guidance in the process of both selecting and buying an Oboe or English Horn. Carlos Coelho has been counseling student Oboists and English Hornists in the critical task of selecting an instrument that appropriately matches the artist’s emerging talents.

If you’re a student Oboist, English Hornist—or the parent or teacher of a student, Contact Carlos Coelho Woodwinds today for a free consultation before buying an Oboe or English Horn.

Carlos Oboe’s services for music students include:

We stock a range of new and second hand instruments, and we are always available to help students select the correct instrument for their ability and to guide students and parents through the entire process.

  • Student Oboe Sales – affordable instruments from Cabart, the intermediate line by F. Lorée.
  • Used Oboe & English Horn Sales – great values on instruments make it affordable for progressing musicians to upgrade their instrument.
  • New Instrument Sales – featuring Student Oboes and English Horns from highest quality manufacturers: Howarth, Fox, Bulgheroni ….
  • Oboe Service & Repairs – for when your students’, or your own, instrument needs a little loving care.
  • Clinics and Master Classes – expert presentations and demonstrations of Oboe and English Horn selection and maintenance
  • Resources – information about manufacturers, sales, service, music, instruction, and more.
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