Consignment Sales

Sell Your Used Oboe or English Horn on Consignment.Picture of Oboe Keywork: CarlosOboe

Carlos Coelho Woodwinds sells good quality used Oboes and used English horns on a consignment basis.

If you have an Oboe for sale or an English Horn for sale, this is the place to reach interested parties within the United States through our simple and convenient consignment sales program.

Carlos Coelho’s worldwide reputation and clientele gives you assurance that your instrument will be exposed to qualified prospective buyers.

This is a free service for our loyal customers who purchase a new Oboe and/or English Horn from us.  We are happy to provide consignment services for other members of the Oboe community for a 10% commission.

Read our packing instructions to ensure the safety of your instrument during shipping.

Consign an Instrument with Carlos
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